Sony DCR-DVD203 Review (Verdict: Nope)

Camcorderinfo takes a look at the DCR-DVD203 camcorder from Sony, and conclude it pretty much blows goats. Sure, you get the direct recording to DVD, the fancy widescreen LCD, and all that other jazz — but what's the point if the thing's image sensor has sorry image quality? Camcorderinfo recommends picking up a… » 6/14/05 2:36pm 6/14/05 2:36pm

Evergreen MP3/WMA Wristwatch

Evergreen has introduced two more of those MP3 playing wristwatches we keep on telling you about, this time adding WMA playback and voice recording. Available in 256MB and 512MB capacities, the watches still unfortunately feature the same USB 1.1 connection. But it's not like someone would buy one of these to be on… » 6/14/05 1:55pm 6/14/05 1:55pm