2.4GHz Wireless NES Controllers

Messiah has created multiple 2.4ghz wireless controllers for the NES, Famicon, and SNES. For those that still have the functional old school Nintendo systems this may be for you, if not check out the USB NES Controller for all of the emulating fun possible. » 6/14/05 6:14pm 6/14/05 6:14pm

Nintendo DS Survives Everest

Brother site Kotaku reports on two mountain climbers who for some reason decided to tote their Nintendo DS along with them on the grueling hike up Mt. Everest. Apparently, the DS "DS held up the best of any of [the electronic equipment]." And hey, fanboys even climb Mt. Everest! "I can guarantee a five-year-old can… » 6/14/05 3:42pm 6/14/05 3:42pm

Rhino Armored Bus

This $275,000 bus is the only safe way to travel along the roads in Iraq. Steel plates cover all six sides of the bus and are available in two fashionable colors, gray and off-white. This troop transport can carry 26 passengers (or troops) in moderate comfort and is always escorted by armored Humvees and helicopters.… » 6/14/05 3:38pm 6/14/05 3:38pm

Evesham HTPC Review (Verdict: Nice)

Evesham has released a new innovative media center computer. Radeon X700, 200GB SATA hard drive, 1 GB of ram, TV tuner card, DVD burner and 5.1 audio are all nice features. Why, it even has s-video and composite outputs integrated into the motherboard. Appearance wise, this Evesham Axis is built into a smaller form… » 6/14/05 3:13pm 6/14/05 3:13pm

Samsung D720

The D720 has it all. As smartphones are becoming more popular, Samsung has released their D720 to compete. One of the key features includes the use of the Symbian Series 60 operating system to help enforce the slogan of this phone, smarter than the average. This phone also includes a 1.3 megapixel camera and… » 6/14/05 3:11pm 6/14/05 3:11pm

Sony DCR-DVD203 Review (Verdict: Nope)

Camcorderinfo takes a look at the DCR-DVD203 camcorder from Sony, and conclude it pretty much blows goats. Sure, you get the direct recording to DVD, the fancy widescreen LCD, and all that other jazz — but what's the point if the thing's image sensor has sorry image quality? Camcorderinfo recommends picking up a… » 6/14/05 2:36pm 6/14/05 2:36pm

Zen Vision First Look

Cnet got their hands on one of those fresh new Creative Zen Vision PMPs, and they decided to put up a video about it in their "First Look." They go through the basic functionality of the player, and given what we already know about the device, it's all nice. This is shaping up to be the nicest looking non-Windows PVP… » 6/14/05 2:23pm 6/14/05 2:23pm

NW-E Series Walkman Disassembled

I've always been a fan of destroying consumer electronics for the sake of science, so this article posted at a Chinese website is right up my alley. They took one of those NW-E series Walkman players (you know, the ones that "support MP3") and absolutely obliterated it. » 6/14/05 2:16pm 6/14/05 2:16pm

2,400+ Game Advertisements

Hot Topic shopper, this post is for you! A new website is available to provide you with more video game retro than Hot Topic could ever handle. Gamepressure has hosted 2,480 older and recent video game commercials free for download. Some of the top downloaded include a Resident Evil 4 commercial containing nudity, a… » 6/14/05 2:14pm 6/14/05 2:14pm

Evergreen MP3/WMA Wristwatch

Evergreen has introduced two more of those MP3 playing wristwatches we keep on telling you about, this time adding WMA playback and voice recording. Available in 256MB and 512MB capacities, the watches still unfortunately feature the same USB 1.1 connection. But it's not like someone would buy one of these to be on… » 6/14/05 1:55pm 6/14/05 1:55pm

Nokia 6060 Is KITT

Nokia's 6060, which we reported on earlier, is actually KITT from Knight Rider. "You won't know whether you have an incoming call or incoming email, but the light tells you 'something' happened." I could certainly use a "something happened" light on all my electronics. A picture taken by ITmedia at Nokia's press event… » 6/13/05 8:00pm 6/13/05 8:00pm

DoCoMo Partners with LG for FOMA

To no one's surprise, Korean handsets haven't really been offered in Japan. Samsung and LG Electronics would be the first two names that come to my mind when it comes to Korean handsets. Apparently that's what DoCoMo thought, too, as they announced today that they're jointly developing a FOMA handset with LG… » 6/13/05 6:56pm 6/13/05 6:56pm

AU's A1404S II

AU's new "A1404S II" is understandably the sequel to their "A1404S" released in January of this year. And that means you still get the same integrated FM tuner, integrated TV recording scheduling, BREW, Flash, 0.32MP camera, and oh hey it's a Sony Ericsson handset. Like the A1404S, the A1404S II will have… » 6/13/05 6:35pm 6/13/05 6:35pm

SolidAlliance iPod shuffle Skins

SolidAlliance busts out a new series of iPod Shuffle skins available in 48 different designs. The designs are sorted into four different categories: "For Us Guys," "For You Girls," "Parody," and "Unisex." Each package for 3,500 yen includes 12 different designs. Some of the designs are interesting (like the pack of… » 6/13/05 4:33pm 6/13/05 4:33pm

World's Smallest IP Phone

Another nice application of USB memory devices comes from "Any User Global," who slapped IP phone software in one, added a earphone-mic jack, and called it a day (and the "World's Smallest IP Phone"). Called the "ImPhone," this USB key contains IP phone software (which appears to be pretty standard) that will… » 6/13/05 3:47pm 6/13/05 3:47pm

PSP Black Remote, Quick Charger

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan plans to launch two more official accessories for the PSP next month. This first is a black version of the remote control/earphone combo that was included with the PSP, which I certainly welcome. I don't know why they even bothered with white in the first place. Meanwhile, they're… » 6/13/05 3:09pm 6/13/05 3:09pm

Prototype Robot Exhibition

PC Watch has some exhaustive coverage of the "Prototype Robot Exhibition" currently going on at the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan. There are some 65 types of robots, ranging from the tasting robot we covered last week to something that looks like a toaster on wheels. I would be hard pressed to tell you exactly what… » 6/13/05 2:50pm 6/13/05 2:50pm

USB NES Controller, Mostly

Here it is — the last gamepad you'll ever need to buy. Sanwa Supply released the "Classic USB Game Pad" in Japan, and I needn't remind you what controller it resembles. You'll find the d-pad, start, select, and A and B buttons in their classic locations. Emulation ahoy. » 6/13/05 2:17pm 6/13/05 2:17pm


Hush Technologies unveils their latest in set-top box style PCs today with the "Hush M MCE PC." In the Hush tradition, the system is fanless and features a swell 3" profile. Specs include a 1.4 or 2GHz Pentium M Celeron, some memory, a hard drive with a couple gigabytes of space, and all the fun that is Windows XP… » 6/10/05 3:05pm 6/10/05 3:05pm